chatGPT in USSD

This project is an advanced USSD application that utilizes OpenAI's GPT-4 language model. Hosted on Vercel and using AfricasTalking, it brings AI capabilities to 2G phones. It handles USSD callback requests, routes user text inputs, invokes the GPT-4 model for natural language responses, manages user sessions, and interacts with a Firebase database.


      • Node.js
      • REST APIs
      • USSD integration
      • AfricasTalking API
      • OpenAI GPT-4 API
      • Firebase database operations
      • Vercel cloud function deployment
      • Error logging and handling

      Third party APIs used in this project

      • AfricasTalking API
      • OpenAI API (GPT-4)
      • Firebase API

      Coded with ❤️ in Visual Studio Code. Built with React, NextJS and Material-UI, deployed with Vercel.

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